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Nineteen Eighty-Four is a two-part novel published in 1949 by English author George Orwell. It is not in the interest of others; Only interested in power. Winston Smith is an outsider working for the Department of Justice (or Minitrue in Newsweek), responsible for publicity and historical research. His work has always been the writing of past newspaper articles and historical records, always supporting party lines, and portraying the guidelines that workers receive as solutions to misconceptions of modification and never as they really are: forgery. You can read the review and download Nineteen Eighty-Four pdf at the end.

Nineteen Eighty-Four Review:

A man loses his identity while living under an oppressive regime. In a story based on George Orwell’s classic novel, Winston Smith is a government employee whose job is to write history in such a way that the leaders of the legendary country put him in charity. His efforts with Julia only provide him with pleasure, but lawyers criticize the relationship – and in this closely watched community, there is no escape from Big Brother.

Nineteen Eighty-Four pdf

Nineteen Eighty-Four PDF Features:

The following are some of the major features of Nineteen Eighty-Four PDF.

  • The author George Orwell has written it.
  • The book is in simple English language so its easier for the readers to understand it.
  • The novel comes under the genre of Science Fiction, Social science fiction, Political fiction, Dystopian Fiction.
  • Nineteen Eighty-Four published in the year 1949.
  • The novel contains a total of 393 pages.
  • Readers loved to read this novel.

Download Nineteen Eighty-Four PDF

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