Emerald Blaze

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New York Times bestselling writer, continues her amazing series set in the hidden legacy world in which magic is everything… except for the heart of those who had that magic. As for Prime magic holders, “Catalina Baylor and her beloved sisters have some mighty magical powers, powers which their grandmother wanted from her. Catalina can earn a salary by working as a deputy to the Warden of Texas, by overseeing breaches of magical law within the boundaries of the state, but it contains a lot of risks. You can download Emerald Blaze pdf at the end.

Emerald Blaze Review:

The story of Emerald Blaze is very interesting and amazing, during the story line monsters attacks Baylor’s house and haunt her every step and Catalina is needed to rely on amazing, dangerous Alessandro Sagredo, the Prime of the area who crushed her heart. His worst nightmare which Alessandro has fought in his childhood has come back into his life, but right now in the story Catalina life is in danger. So his lifelong quest for revenge wont stop him from keeping Catalina safe, even if every battle proves to be his last battle. Because the purpose of Catalina is to stop the use of the illicit, power-granting serum which is tearing the world apart and nothing is going to stop her now.

Emerald Blaze

Emerald Blaze PDF Features:

The following are some of the major features of Emerald Blaze PDF.

  • Emerald Blaze is written by a well known American author by the name of Ilona Andrews.
  • Emerald Blaze is published by Avon for the first time in the United States of America.
  • Emerald Blaze is published on 25th August 2020.
  • Emerald Blaze is written in simple English language.
  • Emerald Blaze is available in both paperback and hardcover formats.
  • The novel consists of a total of 336 pages.
  • The novel is loved by readers from around the world and is nominated for various awards.



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