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Atonement is the story of a little girl with a very strong mindset. She is ready to do whatever she wants but what is the reason behind this kind of stubbornness, and how we can solve this kind of issue in our own life this book will be a life-changing lesson, especially for parents. Readers will see how mindset lead human to the ultimate route of success of disaster it all depends on your approach. You can download Atonement pdf at the end.

Atonement Review:

Briony Tallis is the main character of this book. Thirteen-year-old girl change the whole frame of her family when she committed a brutal crime, this fascinating story provoke over inner self to do something extra for achieving more in our life class and age don’t matter the only thing we want is dedication and a clear perspective towards our goals. So the thing is we need to clarify what we are doing for making our life ultimate.

A 13-year-old Briony see her older sister with the son of their servant she took steps no one can imagine but this is true because she caught her sister in prohibited conditions. And the result of her deadly step is more than expected, even after World War 2 they still suffer from repercussions.


Atonement PDF Features:

The following are some of the major features of Atonement PDF.

The author Ian McEwan has written it.

The book is in simple English language so it’s easier for the readers to understand it.

Atonement is released on March 1, 2003, by Anchor Books.

The novel comes under the genre of Fiction, Historical Fiction, Historical, War, Literary Fiction, Contemporary, Literature, Novels

The novel contains a total of 351 pages.

Readers loved to read this novel.

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Click here to download Atonement PDF eBook here:

Click here to download Atonement PDF ebook here:

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