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Linda Sue Park was born on March 25, 1960 (age 62 years), in Urbana, Illinois, United States. Complete her education and get a bachelor’s degree in English Literature. Linda Sue Park is a basically American- Korean-based Author and Novelist. She is one of the most widely translated and most popular writers in Korea. Write many successful books in her career. one of her books was a finalist for Hugo Award. And many of her book was a best seller. She also wins many famous  Newbery Medal for writing the best novel in the child genre.You can download A Long Walk to Water pdf at the end.


A Long Walk to Water Review:

Salva, and Nya both lived in Sudan and this book is based on the life of this couple. The meaning of life is different for both Slaves leaves as refugees in Sudan, but currently, he was in trouble because he left that refugee camp and roams around the whole of Sudan. He encounter with rebel groups and deadly wile animals like crocodiles and tigers but somehow he managed to escape from all of these hurdles. He is looking for his family, on the other hand, Nya visits the pound for fetching water twice a day, and this pound is situated 2 km away from her home.

A Long Walk to Water PDF Features:


The following are some of the major features of A Long Walk to Water PDF.

The author Linda Sue Park has written it.

The book is in simple English language so it’s easier for the readers to understand it.

A Long Walk to Water is released on November 15, 2010, by Clarion Books.

The novel comes under the genre of Historical Fiction, Young Adult, Fiction, Realistic Fiction, Historical, School, War, children

The novel contains a total of 128 pages.

Readers loved to read this novel.

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